Join the SBA

To all Business owners, self-employed and new starters, Small Business association, offer their members an all in one platform that covers every need of any business, from advice, Finance, Support, Advertising & Promotions to the most important part: gaining new business & build credibility

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Who can join?

Any Business: Ltd companies, sole traders, self-employed, new starters…

As long as:

  • Business can be verified
  • Basic address checked (whether business or personal)
  • Two satisfactory references (customer, accountant, solicitor, civil servant…)
Why Join

A membership that goes the extra miles for its members.

while we provide a complete back up for when things goes wrong, we constantly work with our members to reduce their running costs and provide them with a chance to achieve wealth.

Here what’s included in the membership:

  • Advice: legal, taxation, business law, partnership law, credit and debt management, credit checks, intellectual property, landlord and tenant, terms and conditions, health and safety and auto- enrolment & pension
  • Support: from setting up business, to reviewing business plans and forecast, while looking at reducing costs through reviewing your actual providers
  • Finance: Loans, cash advance, pension, funding, Grants…
  • Advertising and promotions: as a member you will get free advertising and email marketing package to enhance your business awareness and help you gain new business
  • Business referral club: as a member you get free access to the BRC platform where you will be able to get referrals and refer business your-self…great way to make business and great alternative to networking
  • Build credibility: from verified member, to approved member (subject to our survey on your customers randomly), to Trusted member ( stamp earned subject to long going checks on satisfied customers and complaint handling)
  • Recruitment: whether you want to expand or you need staff for one off job we will always support you.
  • Learning centre: up 60 courses that covers all area of business
  • Possibility to win SBA yearly awards
Membership fees

Joining SBA cost as little as £230 for the first year and then from £200 yearly with a full access to our all in one platform that will help your business achieve with complete peace of mind. Annual fees are based on how many employees you have.

We also offer discounted £40 associates members for other directors or partners involved in the business who will have exactly same membership benefits

Ways to join

  • Meet a consultant: we will come to you
  • Apply online: Apply
  • Telephone: 03300 432393