Business referral club (BRC)

Statistics shows that conversion rate on referrals is around 82% whereas the conversion rate on cold calling appointment is an average of 29% throughout all industries.

The Business referral club is the alternative way to cold calling leads, networking and spending time searching for leads elsewhere, it’s a real time hot leads seen by either our members, our member’s representative or our partners

  • All our members have free access to Business Referral Club
  • BRC checks all referrals by phone
  • Prospects express a need
  • Prospect give time scale for the job
  • Prospects gives price indication or other quotation prices
  • Our member can sell referrals and…. Make money
  • Our members can bid for referrals and make… Money
  • Buy as you go… very low investment ( avrg lead sell for £7)
  • Referrals only cost a max 1% of contract value
  • Access to big contracts and repeat work
Money Finance


Fantastic way to make money (either buy or sell), no more cold-calling, no more irate customers….

Happy customers… Happy Bidding….Happy bank account